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Books In Homes USA’s driving purpose is to make a profound impact on the trajectories of our country's most vulnerable members, children living in underserved communities, by inspiring a love of reading and establishing a foundation for success now and in the future.

To facilitate this mission, we aim to get books into the hands of children, support our schools and educators, and create a community of book lovers committed to fostering a love of reading for the next generation. 



Books In Homes USA is modeled after Duffy Books In Homes New Zealand. Alan Duff, a New Zealand author identifying that failures in adult life often stem from childhoods spent in bookless homes, created Duffy Books In Homes New Zealand in 1994 and Books In Homes Australia in 2001. After visiting New Zealand during 2005 as part of his doctoral studies through the University of Pennsylvania, Books In Homes USA’s inaugural executive director, Dr. Richard E. Quest, brought the Duffy Books In Homes program to the USA. In 2008, “Duffy Books In Homes USA” launched organizational efforts and received 501(c)(3) approval. Today, the organization is known as “Books In Homes USA and has distributed more than 897,000 books to 335,439 children



Kate Bowersox

Executive Director

Favorite book as a child:

Nancy Drew

by Carolyn Keene

headshot jm (002).jpg

Jessica Murphy

General Manager

Favorite book as a child:

Ramona the Pest

by Beverly Cleary


Board of Directors


Dr. Richard Quest

Founder and Board Chair

Favorite book as a child: Encyclopedia Brown

by Donald J. Sobol 


Awilda Balbuena

Board Member

Favorite book as a child:

The Giving Tree

by Shel Silverstein


Kevin Drinkwater

Board Treasurer and Founding Member

Favorite book as a child:

Reach for the Sky

by Paul Brickhill


John Hepworth

Favorite book as a child:


by Gregory David Roberts

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