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Dr. Richard Quest

Why I serve on the Board of Books in Homes 

The United States was founded based on the principles and inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness with all men (people) being created equal. Very lofty goals and ideals that we strive to uphold and live up to.


In order to do so and be well informed, contributing citizens we must be able to read. We must be able to take in information, critically think about it, decide for ourselves what that information means and make decisions that will effect ourselves and our nation.  Our democracy is based on these fundamentals.


All children should have access to high quality books of their own choosing so they may explore their world, and learn how to become members of our democratic society. Owning books, reading and discussing the ideas we have read is the fundamental basis to a working democratic nation.


I think it is very fitting that Books in Homes has been based in Philadelphia, the very city in which our democracy and independence was founded.

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