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Kevin Drinkwater


Why I serve on the Board of Books in Homes 

I have been involved with Books in Homes since it began in New Zealand over 25 years ago. Having seen the literacy improvements the program was making with elementary school children in New Zealand, I felt that Books in Homes could make an even greater difference in the USA. So I take delight in having been one of the cofounders of the program in 2008 and to see its expansion since.  I have continued to support Books in Homes as I believe it is making a difference to literacy and therefore children’s lives.


On a personal note, I came from a home where there were few books and reading was not encouraged, however I was lucky enough to have access to a treasure trove of books when I visited my Grandmother. It was from the shelves of her library that I began my journey, where reading became a love and took me to a level of success far beyond what was possible otherwise.  I was lucky that I had a grandmother that encouraged reading and had books, but many in this world do not have those opportunities.


Books in Homes helps bridge that gap, for those not as fortunate, by allowing children to choose new books that they own and can take home to form their own libraries – no strings attached. Going to a book giveaway is a most humbling and heart-warming occasion – to see the delight of the children when they get to choose their books and are assured they are theirs to own, and love, and they don’t have to pay for them!

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