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John Hepworth


Why I serve on the Board of Books in Homes 

I first became aware of Books-in-Homes when my company was purchased by Mainfreight. Once learning more about it and having the pleasure of giving books to children at various schools in Australia and USA, I was hooked. The pleasure of seeing these children so excited after receiving these books, so they could take home and read them was very special.

It does not matter about race, wealth, education, or being gender specific, it should be upon all adults to encourage children to read. Books for children’s minds are like windows, it gives them vision and dreams. Our future depends on our children and the more prepared for life they are, the better our world will be.


Many years ago I personally sponsored new books for a rundown school library on a small island in Fiji. They arrived in a dingy on their local beach. To see the excitement and pleasure on the faces of these children as they helped to restock the school library, will stay with me forever.


I will always be helping in some way to see our children grow and develop, so serving as a director of Book-in-Homes USA is part of my commitment to improving our world.

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